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what is stewardship?

Stewardship means "belonging to God" - all that are and all that have comes from God. We are grateful to God for it all, and responsible to God for how we use it. Stewardship is a relationship to family, self, nature, work, friends, country, church and God. Stewardship defines your love, caring and responsibility for what is important in your life. Stewardship produces fruit, effort, labor, resources and month for the subjects of your care.

There is a connection between stewardship and spirituality: generous giving as a spiritual disciple helps us to grow in Christ. Stewardship makes theological and worldly sense of all you have been given. Stewardship takes your treasurer and allocates it at your heart's direction. 

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21 NRSV


"Lent: Time To Go the Second Mile"

Questions about Stewardship?  

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mission support

Your congregation is your home base, a missional outpost to do God's work.  As every disciple yearns to grow in Christ, so too do congregations yearn to do more in the world.  It is part of our calling - the Great Commission.  Mission support is one way you can do both - sharing God's love and generosity by blessing others and extending the impact of your congregation around the country and the world.  In this way, you experience the power of being networked with more than 10,000 ministries and partners.


stewardship resources

General Stewardship Resources:

Stewardship of Life Institute– Headquartered at United Lutheran Seminary, this site has a trove of resources in areas of congregational and personal stewardship. (

ELCA Stewardship Resources– Our denomination’s deep well of materials. (

Center for Steward Leadership – Luther Seminary’s excellent website. (

The ELCA Foundation a ministry of our denomination. (

Lower Susquehanna Synod Stewardship – Selected free or low-cost resources. (

The Stewardship Guy's blog

Resources from October 2017 Stewardship event

Grace Pomroy: 

Good Samaritan presentation

Generations presentation

Chick Lane:

A Biblical Look at Stewardship

4 Quick Suggestions for Congregational Stewardship


March 2017 Stewardship Webcast

Book Recommendations:

  • Ask, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation by Charles Lane
  • How Much is Enough: A Deeper Look at Stewardship in an Age of Abundance edited by Catherine Malosky
  • New Consecration Sunday by Herb Miller
  • Not Your Parents' Offering Plate by J. Clif Christopher
  • Giving to God by Mark Allan Powell
  • DVD: Biblical Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight with Dr. Mark Allan Powell
  • DVD:Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight by Mark Allan Powell