eastern nd synod coaching network

Interested in learning more or connecting with a coach? Interested in being trained as a coach/ joining the synod’s coaching network? Please contact the EaND Coaching Network at coaching@eandsynod.org or fill out the coaching interest form, here.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an intentional relationship of accompaniment between a trained coach and the individual, group, or team focused on growth and transformation. The coaching process utilizes powerful questioning, strategic listening, active reflection and goal setting to move you forward in ministry. Partnering with a coach can help you discover new gifts, explore obstacles from different perspectives, recognize resources available, and identify your next most faithful step.

What is Coaching Video

In what ways can coaching help me and/or my congregation?

  • Personal leadership growth (i.e. vocational identity, discernment, authentic leadership, wellness through conflict and change, etc.) 
  • Growing in ministry leadership (i.e: as head of staff, associate pastor, deacon, council president, youth director, chair of a ministry team, etc.)
  • Skillful handling of staff or congregational change and/or conflict
  • Skillful handling of holy beginnings and/or endings
  • Multiplying leaders within your church community
  • Worship, Mission, or Stewardship development

Our synod coaches also have further training in these ministry areas:

  • Church council development and building ministry teams
  • Empowering Discipleship
  • Mission Development and Congregational Vitality

Our EaND Coaching Network

As an active network of trained coaches, we hope to foster a process of growth and transformation with all those we work with in a compassionate and Spirit centered way. We believe that each individual is:

  • Beloved of God,
  • Gifted by God, and is
  • Invited by God into God’s work of loving and healing the world. 

We are here to help individuals and congregational communities figure out what this looks like in their unique contexts with their unique gifts and experiences to live more fully into how God continues to call us. 

Typically, after an initial inquiry session, coaching sessions are once a month for 60 minutes (90 mins for teams/groups) with payment structure depending on level of trained coach and the contract of time.

Learn more about each of our coaches below! 

  • dn jamie travers

    Three words to describe me as a coach are: listener, accompaniment, lighthearted

    I find coaching meaningful because it is beneficial to walk alongside each other opening ourselves up to the work of the Holy Spirit and seeing where God is leading.

    Level 2 Specialty: Discipleship

  • dn Michelle Walka


    Three words to describe me as a coach are: creative, intuitive listener, attentive in discernment

    I find coaching meaningful because naming is powerful/healing/inspiring, bold questions help to bring clarity, and deep listening helps us grow in our awareness of ourselves and of God's presence.

    Level 1 and Specialty Training: Groups and Teams

  • Dn shera nesheim

    Three words to describe me as a coach are: patient, empathic, hopeful

    I find coaching meaningful because the coaching relationship can provide an excellent opportunity for developing self-awareness as a person grows into who God is calling them to be, knowing they are empowered, accountable and engaged in challenging yet life-giving ways in the process.

    Level 2 Specialty: Mission Development and Congregational Vitality

  • Shar Gumke

    Three words to describe me as a coach are: interested, attentive, and willing

    I find coaching meaningful because the solution lies within the person.

    Level 1

  • Penny Millspaugh

    Three words to describe me as a coach are: approachable, compassionate, client-centered

    I find coaching meaningful because I have seen it work for people, including myself, when other options fell short. We all hold so much more God given wisdom within ourselves than we give ourselves credit for. Coaching is a way to help unlock that hidden wisdom. 

    Level 2 Specialty: Mission Development and Congregational Vitality