synod council

The Synod Council is the board of directors for the Eastern North Dakota (EaND) Synod.  The Synod Council consists of members elected from each conference (one rostered and on lay representative), three executive positions, a multi-cultural representative, a youth representative and the president of the Eastern ND WELCA.  Each person elected to the Synod Council shall be a voting member of the congregation of the EaND Synod, with the exception of ordained minister on the roster of this synod who reside outside the territory of the synod. (See the Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the EaND Synod) 
Members of the Synod Council serve as liaisons to one of the synod boards.

Synod Council meetings are scheduled in June in conjunction with synod assembly, and in the fall.  The council is responsible for the business of the synod between yearly synod assemblies.

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conference leadership

Each conference has a Dean, President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer which are 3-year positions,  elected by the conference.

  • Spirit lake conference

    Conference Dean: Rev. Bonnie Weaver

    Conference President: Jared Schlenker

    Conference Vice President: Rev. Jodi Myrvik

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Stella Papachek

  • grafton conference

    Conference Dean: Rev Beth Peterson

    Conference President: Ron Thompson

    Conference Vice President: Rev. Rebecca Breddin

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Timian

  • grand forks conference

    Conference Dean: Rev. Kirk Meseck

    Conference President: Jim Bollman Jr.

    Conference Vice President: Bruce Bohlman

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Rev. Tom Colenso

  • Mayville conference

    Conference Dean: Rev. Trichelle Kirchenwitz

    Conference President: Rev. Diane Krumm TBD

    President: Beth Christianson-Melby

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Judy Stensland

  • prairie rose confernce

    Conference Dean: Rev. Stan Kwiechien

    Conference President: TBD

    Conference Vice President: Jeff Halvorson

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Marilee Eikom

  • jamestown conference

    Conference Dean: Rev. Emmy Swedlund

    Conference President: Laurie Staub

    Conference Vice President: John Thompson

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Holweg

  • fargo conference

    Conference Dean: Rev Cassie Anderson

    Conference President: Rev Brian Hansen

    Conference Vice President: Tifani Luschen

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Nathan VanWechel

  • wahpeton conference

    Conference Dean: Rev. Erika Buller

    Conference President: Rev Bruce Baxter

    Conference Vice President: Sally Fredrickson

    Conference Secretary/Treasurer: Kris Beck