joint theological day 2023

April 27, 2023


Sharon Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, ND

The Rev. Dr. Shauna Hannan, Professor of Homiletics at PLTS, presented “The Peoples’ Sermon: Revitalizing your Congregation’s Preaching Ministry” based off her recent book. Dr. Hannan described her presentation in this way: Preaching is an ecclesial practice that belongs to the whole congregation and not only to the preacher. This workshop aims to equip you to equip all the baptized to fulfill their roles as proclaimers of God’s good news. Understanding and engaging the collaborative nature of preaching holds the potential to revitalize your preaching and your congregation’s participation in this important practice. Participants will leave with concrete possibilities for engaging a collaborative preaching ministry in their own contexts.

We hope to see you next year for Joint Theological Day 2024!