Advocacy & ACtion Events

The Advocacy & Action Team of the Eastern North Dakota organize a variety of events focused on conversation, learning, and action. Scroll to learn more!

Called to Welcome

Tuesday, Novemver 22, 11:30am
St. John Lutheran Fargo OR Facebook Live

What exactly is advocacy?
How do I do advocacy?

What do I say?

Join this conversation to explore the what and how of engaging in legislative advocacy! North Dakota legislators will walk us through the legislative process and community leaders will be present to explore how we craft our own stories.

Lutheran Advocacy 101

Wednesday, November 9th, 3:30-5pm
ZOOM or Facebook Live:

What does it mean to be people of faith and engage in the public square? How does our Lutheran perspective inform this engagement? How do we do advocacy as people of faith?

Lutheran Public Policy leaders and public officials will join us for a conversation and time of learning.

Join us on ZOOM or Facebook Live for this conversation!

Faithful conversations

2nd Sundays at 7:00pm
ZOOM or Facebook Live:

Oftentimes conversations can be hard because we don't share the same language! Creating a shared vocabulary can help us talk together around topics that can divide us. Join us the 2nd Sunday of each month for conversation and learning around a particular topic, with a focus on defining terms and learning from those in that field.