Diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging (Anti-Racism)


A variety of discussion guides, books, articles, and activities have been compiled for congregational and individual use. The lists are not exhaustive and additional resources are added as they are learned about. In addition, two discussion guides utilizing many of these resources have been created and are shared below.

Group Discussion Guides

Two new resources for congregations or small groups have been created by leaders in the synod. Entering Our Stories of Race is intended for groups just beginning the conversation. Exploring Our Shared Stories of Race builds off of Entering Our Stories, though groups who have already engaged in ant-racism conversations may decide to move directly to Exploring Our Shared Stories. The full curriculum, links, and resources are available on  each page.

Entering Our Stories of Race is a discussion guide primarily for folks just starting in this work. The hope is that exploring our own stories will invite curiosity and open conversation to our wider systems and stories. Individuals who have already engaged these beginning conversations are encouraged to participate as well, however. It is always good to grow in our capacity to explore our stories and practice having hard conversations in community. Folks farther along in this work can be great leaders in modeling curiosity and vulnerability.

Given the demographics of our synod and our state, the working assumption is that the majority of participants will be white, though not exclusively. The discussion guide and journal prompts invite exploration and learning of our stories and histories across diversities. And we acknowledge that there is a particular responsibility white folks have in this work.

Entering Our Stories of Race (Leader Guide)

Entering Our Stories of Race (Participant Guide)

Links and Resources: