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Congregation Contribution/Synod Remittance Form

Endowment Sunday Bulletin Insert

Endowment Sunday Poster

Council Training Videos:

Jakelle - "Nuts and Bolts"

Shar - "Role of the Council" & "Healthy Congregations"

Bishop Terry, Mytch & Keith - "The Changing Church"

Training Slides

Council Training Documents:

Giving Thought to a Narrative Budget

Guidelines for Congregations: Internal Control Best Practices

Guide for Use of the Model Constitution for Congregations

Handling Financial Matters in the Congregation

IRS Requirement for Churches

Model Constitution for Congregations of the ELCA (2016)

Recommendations for Congregation Secretaries

Records Retention Schedule for Congregations of the ELCA

Compensation Guidelines

2019 Compensation and Benefits Guidelines

2018 Compensation and Benefits Guidelines

Definition of Compensation, Benefits and Responsibilities of the pastor

Steps for completion of Compensation, Benefits and Responsibilities of the pastor

ELCA Office of the Treasurer:

The Resources for Congregational Treasurers and Bookkeepers document is very helpful and covers many topics including:

Responsiblities of a Treasurer

Cash Handling Suggestion

Audit Procedure

Records Management

W-2 Help / Payroll Tax Obligations

ELCA downloadable Financial Resources

ELCA Portico Benefit Services:

Portico has an EmployerLink for Treasurers & Benefits Administrators which includes useful information for rates, forms, calculators, and instructions for the ELCA's pensions and health plan. A printable format and worksheet for manually determining insurance costs are available with the Compensation and Benefits Guidelines found below.

Called to Imagine

For the 2018 Synod Assembly, congregations were asked to share their creative ideas for the chance to win $1000!  Congratulations to Augustana Lutheran of Grand Forks for their award-wining idea and thanks to all who participated.

Hunger Event Items:

These videos are from the "YOU Give Them Something To Eat" hunger awareness event held November 2018 in Grand Forks

Part 1

Part 2.1

Part 2.2

Part 3

Part 4 - coming soon!

Q&A session

ministry review

Ministry Review: A time for a synod ministry review team to work with a congregational review team in order to reflect on and assess the strengths, needs, and direction of a congregation and its ministry. The review will include a report that will affirm the God-given gifts and strengths of the congregation and provide recommendations to consider for future ministry.

Ministry Review Congregational Guide

Ministry Review Overview Outline

Ministry Review Congregations and Teams

Have questions? Contact Pastor Jessica Daum, DEM -

"I was a part of the Ministry Review of Augustana in Grand Forks. The Ministry Review Process was a very positive experience. It opened our eyes to the many needs of the community immediately around us and provided us with numerous new ways we can serve it. I'm excited by the many opportunities in front of us as we work towards calling our next pastor." 

 -James Lindlauf   

mission interpreter

What is a Mission Interpreter?

A mission interpreter is a follower of Jesus Christ whom God calls and equips to draw attention to what God is doing in the world and in the church. A mission interpreter expresses gratitude, tells what is happening, and invites participation in God’s mission.

Mission Interpreter document

What happens at a council visit?



Evangelism is a Way of Life

In Praise of Service

The Invitational Christian

Four Aspects of Public Faith Essential to Evangelism