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suggested guidelines for compensation and benefits:

Guidelines for salary of ordained staff and pulpit supply rates.

2019 Compensation and Benefits Guidelines

Definition of Compensation, Benefits, and Responsibilities of the Pastor

Steps for Completion of Definition of Compensation, Benefits, and Responsibilities of the Pastor

The Office of the Secretary resource page provides you a visual way to explore and download the many types of resources available from churchwide.

Also see the Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions of the Eastern North Dakota Synod.

who's in call process?

February 2019

Beginning the Call Process:

  • Sundahl/Ottawa, Aneta
  • Tri-County Ministry, Binford
  • Buffalo, Buffalo/St. Paul, Tower City/Our Savior, Page
  • Emmanuel, Gackle
  • Sharon, Grand Forks-Associate



  • Mayville/Gran, Mayville
  • Milnor/Immanuel, Milnor
  • Morning Star Parish: Pekin, Sheyenne, Sigdal, Pekin/American, Tolna/Warwick, Warwick
  • Bethel, Wahpeton
  • Walhalla, Walhalla/Big Pembina, Langdon
  • Faith, West Fargo-Associate
  • Prairie Rivers Parish: Calvary, Hankinson/Bergen, Lidgerwood/Wyndmere, Wyndmere


Study/On Hold: 

  • Heart of the Valley: Drayton, Drayton/Skjeberg, Drayton
  • Trinity, Forman/Trinity, Havana/Nordland, Rutland
  • Standing Rock, Ft. Ransom/Preston, Ft. Ransom
  • Fordville, Fordville/Quale, Fordville
  • St. John, Embden/St. Peter, Leonard