vital signs

vital signs

Your congregation is called to grown in life-giving relationship with God, each other, and the world.  Every congregation can be a vital congregation, and every vital congregation can become even more so!

This two-year process will help you get in touch with God, discover your congregation's unique call, and engage in holy experiments to be a sign of God's abundant love for your community.


  • 2 years
  • a Transformation Team of 4-6 leaders
  • $1000 investment

Includes: monthly coaching, a companion group of 3 other congregations or parishes, 4 learning session in year one, 2 overnight retreats for your team

Year One

Quarter 1: Our Heartbeat

Learning Module = Spiritual Fitness

Learning Mode = In-Person Retreat

Quarter 2: The Check-Up

Learning Module = Congregational Identity

Learning Mode = Zoom Video Conference

Quarter 3: Overcome Challenges

Learning Module = Faith in Changing Times

Learning Mode = Book Study

Quarter 4: Connecting to Your Purpose

Learning Module = Knowing Your Neighbors

Learning Mode = In-Person Retreat

Year Two

You will be following the Action Play you developed at the end of year one + Monthly coaching sessions will keep you accountable to moving forward on the path you set for yourselves.  

Quarterly Companion Group meetings will help you share you learning with a community of other on the same journey.