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Western ND Synod GIFTS Event

Saturday, January 25th

First Lutheran, Minot

9am - 3pm

Rev Paul Hoffman will spend a day focusing on growth as disciples of Jesus.  We will focus on gaining skills at leading Bible study and small groups that are welcoming to those who are new to life in Christ. They will also help us to go more deeply into our own baptismal covenant and see how all of life “flows” from this important once-an-forever Sacrament of entrance into Christian discipleship.


Pastor Paul Hoffman of Seattle, WA is no stranger to the Western North Dakota Synod. Since his keynote addresses to us at Medora in 2014; he has returned to our synod countless times for the leadership of pastoral mentoring groups, for leadership of our synod staff’s retreat, for preaching and teaching. Paul is well-known as a pastoral theologian emphasizing the gifts and responsibilities of baptism into Christ. For almost twenty years as pastor at Phinney Ridge Lutheran in Seattle, Paul accompanied the congregation on its journey to bring new Christians into the faith through a year-long mentoring process known as The WAY.  These journeys are narrated in two of Paul’s books, Faith Forming Faith and Faith Shaping Ministryboth of which are recommended reading prior to our time together on Saturday, 25 January 2020.



Church Anew Conference

January 27-28, 2020

Eden Prairie, MN

Church Anew, and emerging ministry of St Andrew Lutheran Church, welcomes ministry leaders to a two-day conference, Telling the (old) Story in New Ways.  Featured keynote speakers include Marlon Hall, David Hansen, Nora McInerny, and Natalia Terfa.

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Jesus Seminar on the Road

January 31- February 1

Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Ministry

Learning to understand and talk about Jesus as a historical figure opens many new question in religion today.  Some of these questions will be discussed in this Jesus Seminar on the Road event entitled, "The historical Jesus and World Religion."  What relationship did Jesus have tot eh imperial powers of Rome that were shaped and promoted through Roman religious iconography, foundational stories, and practices?  To what extent did Jesus liberate himself from the assumptions of his time and to what extent was he caught up in the customs of his time?  how does Jesus compare to other great figures from the world's religions?  These and other questions that the historical Jesus inspires will be addressed with two Westar scholars, Celene Lillie and David Galston.



Ignite the Church Conference

February 11-13, 2020
Orlando, Florida

Get inspired, encouraged, challenged and warmed up at the Ignite the Church Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 11-13. In addition to large group gatherings on Congregational Vitality, there will be electives on Reaching Younger Generations, Expanding Kingdom Impact, Church Renewal and Discipleship, Renewing Music, Vitality through Mission, Engaging Your Neighborhood, Evangelism, Social Justice, and Raising Up Leaders along with a visit to Orlando’s Castle Church Brewing Community.

A $99 discounted rate, including 2 meals and snacks, is available until November 30th.

All proceeds benefit the ELCA Fund for Leaders.
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Diaconal Adventure to Germany

May 5-15, 2020

Tour starts in Frankfurt, Germany

For more information, contact Dn Brenda Bauer at

or visit: